Our Story


Jaime and Jeremy had a dream come true on Oct. 3, 2006, when they welcomed their first child: Suzy. Their beautiful girl went full term but weighed less than 5 pounds at delivery. A few months after celebrating Suzy's first birthday, their world turned upside down as Suzy experienced her first grand mal seizure. After several visits with doctors and therapists, the couple was told that Suzy had epilepsy, along with developmental delays, mental retardation, autism and speech apraxia.

Rather than focus on the overwhelmingly negative aspects of these diagnoses, the couple had something else in mind. They wanted to fulfill a promise to support and push Suzy to achieve her dreams. The couple started the Suzy Foundation, which specializes in helping to obtain assistive equipment for individuals with special needs. Today, Suzy is doing great - she is in school and she's happy and thriving. Please join us in helping other incredible individuals fulfill dreams. 


If you know an individual with special needs that could benefit from an assistive device apply HERE «